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"How We Spent Our Summer Vacation"

(July 2005)

Dear Friends and Family,

Hi all, we are back, and had a wonderful trip to England! It was a great combination of enjoying the sites and food of 21st century England, seeing important sites of England’s history, seeing sites related to Carol’s interest in literature, following Anne’s family history trail, and meeting both dead and live relatives!

We tried to write enough on the trip so you could join us in our journey but not so much as to totally bore you. We hope that you will skim along and find the sections that are of the most interest to you for more detailed reading and viewing.

We tried to do too much and in every case would have been well served by another day or two in each area … oh well. If we make it back again we will know the basics; if we do not make it back we will have done a little of a lot.

We have broken the trip into 6 pages of journal entries and photo galleries, basically in chronological order. Click on the links below to read Anne's journal for that part of the trip, then click on the photo gallery link to view each one. There are links on each gallery page to all the others, so you don't have to come back to this page each time to choose another gallery.

I hope you enjoy our trip as much as we did!


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