Madokawando Landing

NOTE:  I am sorry to inform you that as of October 2016 the landing property is no longer owned by the family. The time came that Anne, Jane, and Margaret were no longer able to keep the property. The new owners seem to appreciate the history of the place, and we hope they enjoy this special property.

The property at 26 Madokawando Landing, Falmouth Foreside, Maine, has been in the Loud/White/Wilson family since 1889 or 1890. The entire landing was originally one farm, then was developed with a road down to the shore and another road which came partway to the shore, with lots along both. John William Loud (1846-1937) and Sarah Margaret Harding Loud (1853-1935) bought two properties, #26 down near the shore, and another farther up the road. They decided not to build at #26, and built Rockdene on the lot farther up.  They then gave #26 to their daughter Hilda Loud White (1889-1973) and her husband Ernest Miller White (1883-1974), who built a cottage on the site in the 1920s. The Whites used the cottage as a summer residence, then winterized it the 1940s. They remodeled once in 1951, and lived in the house until Ernest passed away. Their daughter Margaret Loud White Wilson (1920-) and her husband LeRoy Brinkerhoff Wilson (1919-2005) moved into the house and remodeled in 1979. Their daughters Anne Wilson-Dooley and Jane Ritter are frequently in the house these days helping Margaret take care of the property.


This is a special property, with lots of family memories, and the future generations will continue to build more happy memories for years to come. Three successive generations have been married at the house:

  • Margaret Loud White (daughter of Ernest & Hilda White) & LeRoy Brinkerhoff Wilson (1946)

  • Anne White Wilson (daughter of Roy & Margaret Wilson) & Jeffrey Nele Dooley (1983)

  • James Brinkerhoff Dooley (son of Jeff & Anne Dooley) & Crystal Lynn Hudak (2008)


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