A Dooley Kids Milestone: Their First Cars


Do the rest of you old geezers (you know, my age and above?) remember YOUR first car? Remember the excitement? Well, take a look at our babies' babies!

The pictures below are all thumbnails; left click on them to view them full size, and right click and select "Save Target As" to download them to your computer.


James' First Car


James is very proud of Ruby, his diesel Jeep Liberty. Of course, Ruby isn't REALLY his first car. Luckily we still have it, so I was able to show you BOTH of them.


Ghostbusters Car  James' Jeep



Sarah's First Car


It finally happened. Sarah bought her first car yesterday. It's a 2004 Ford Focus 4 door hatchback. Just about the right size for her. She and James had named my Ford Escort Wagon (now gone) "Charlie Brown". She continued that theme, and named the Focus "Schroeder" (the little kid who played the piano in the Charlie Brown comic strip).


Sarah's Focus  Sarah and Anne w/ Focus



Carol's First Car


It hasn't happened yet. When it does, you'll see it here!!