A Visit to St. Louis, December 30-31, 2009


Anne & Jeff had planned a Christmas visit to Kodiak, but that didn't work out. Luckily, Crystal was attending a wedding in Missouri in early January, so she and James had planned a trip for the end of December/beginning of January. So the Dooleys descended on St. Louis. James & Crystal flew in on the 29th, Jeff & Anne drove down on the 30th, and Sarah & Carol drove down from Kirksville on the 30th. We met for lunch, then visited the City Museum which was lots of fun. We had a nice dinner with all of us and Crystal's sister Roxy that night, then we had breakfast and went up in the Gateway Arch on the 31st. James, Crystal, & Roxy stayed in St. Louis for New Year's, then on to the wedding. Jeff, Anne, & Carol drove back to Aurora for a boring New Year's Eve at home. And Sarah (and Daisey) drove back to Kirksville.

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