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2007 Season's Greetings from the Illinois Dooleys

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Dear Friends and Family,

     We are late as usual but better than some years. And what a year this has been! Our family has been (and still is!) all over.

     Anne went back to outside employment this year (she's always worked!), teaching Intro Anthropology at a local community college. This is in addition to her frequent trips to Maine to help her mother; PTA and various school district items; a trip to Beloit in September for reunion weekend; and continued work on family history with cousins and others all around the world.

     Jeff is still commuting to Lake Forest H.S. for work. In June he spent 10 days at Great Lakes Naval Base with Sarah for Sea Cadet Recruit Training (again). In July he went on the Sea Cadets retired list, but still served as Administrative Officer for some more Sea Cadet trainings at Great Lakes in July (actually, there was an ulterior motive; since he was working LFHS football camp in July, he avoided the daily commute by working mornings at the high school, then coming back to the base for the afternoon & evening, with room & board on base in return). He is still the Aurora Division's paperwork master and web master, but is easing out a bit.

     Sarah completed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training and is now working for a private ambulance service full time, and is back to part time Bridal Consultant at Carson, Pirie, Scott. She also is involved with the Sea Cadets. Besides the 10 days at Great Lakes with Jeff in June, she spent a week in San Diego in April supervising cadets in a Surgical Technician Training. She recently purchased her first car and is still glowing (see the "Their First Cars" gallery). In April she hopes to visit Carol in Thailand. She has applications out to 4 osteopathic medical schools, and an application to the Navy to pay for it in return for service as a Navy physician.

     James also bought his first car this year (see the same gallery). This summer he and another cadet had a very interesting assignment (one that cadets have never done before). They started in Boarding Team Member School at one of the Dept. of Homeland Security's Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers. From there they went to the Tactical Law Enforcement Team in Miami. After an indoctrination training, they were deployed as part of a USCG Law Enforcement Detachment aboard a US Navy frigate. He is now in his senior year at the Coast Guard Academy. He will graduate in May and shortly thereafter walk down the aisle. Yep, that's right. James and Crystal will be tying the knot in late May in Maine (see the "James and Crystal Get Married" gallery). Then, after a short honeymoon, he and Crystal are off to Kodiak, Alaska to begin James' first tour of duty. Crystal has been an Ensign aboard the CGC Munro, based at Kodiak, for the past year.

     Carol, of course, is an exchange student thru the Rotary International program in Thailand (see several separate galleries, accessible thru "Carol's Thailand Adventure" page). She does get homesick but is having the experience of a lifetime. She is currently living with the second of three host families. Her families have all welcomed her with open arms and she is very close to them. She has already travelled around Thailand and been to Cambodia. We of course also miss her, but are very proud of her and are looking forward to hearing the great stories and becoming reacquainted when she gets home.

     We heartily wish you all the very best for 2007.


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