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2017 Season's Greetings from the Illinois Dooleys

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Happy Holidays

December 2017

Dear Friends and Family:  

We have reached the holiday season of 2014 and the time to send and receive greetings from family and friends far and near. Well, I guess we’ve passed that time. Late again. Or can I get away with claiming this is the 2015 letter so we’re actually very early? Nah.

Guess we’ll start off with the important events of the year – the kids! Usually we go in seniority order, but this year I’m switching that, and starting with Carol.

All best wishes for this holiday season 2017 – whether you are in the same place you have been for years or on the move; whether your family is the same or has had additions or losses this year; whether there have been more joys or concerns.

All best wishes as we turn towards the new year.

It has been quite a year for us with the whole mix of staying put and moving, additions and losses. All a part of this ongoing life…..

I am sitting at Carol and Andrew’s home in Marysville, Washington dog sitting while they are in Hawaii for a quick vacation. Jeff is in Redding, California with his brother; James in Novato, California; and Sarah and family in San Diego.

An overview of our years in notable events is as follows:

  • *In February, James moved to California after his 8 years in Alaska with the Coast Guard then the Juneau Police Department.

  • *In May Carol returned to Illinois to attend a friend’s wedding, help me at the house on some tasks, then we did a caravan drive to her home in Marysville WA. Along the way we stopped to visit two of her friends and Cousin Lydia with baby Naomi in Denver CO.

  • *On June 20th James was hired by the San Rafael police department.

  • * My mother passed on June 26 at age 97, at Falmouth Me, after declining health during the year. I am okay with her passing as her quality life was gone and she is better off in my mind and heart.

  • * I then flew to San Diego and ....on June 29, Sar and family welcomed Charlotte Amelia into the family fold with Jon and Carol in attendance at her delivery and my helping with the boys Jack and Matt now 6 and 3.

  • *On June 30 Jeff retired from Lake Forest High School after serving as one of their athletic trainers for 25 years. The district offered a retirement package that it seemed best to accept.

  • *On July 2 Jeff arrived in California to meet his new granddaughter.

  • *On July 7 Jeff and I left San Diego for an epic 3300 mile drive back to Illinois...During the drive --

    • **We visited James and his girlfriend Laura at San Rafael CA and enjoyed meeting Laura’s family

    • **We then drove to Zion National park for a great 2 days.

    • **The next part was epic for Jeff. He was adopted at birth. We have known the name of his birth mother for quite a few years and that she passed in 1998. This spring we learned the name of his biological father and that he has 4 half-siblings. From Cedar City, UT, to Glenwood Springs Co, to Jamesport, Mo; to Indianola IA he/we were welcomed in to the homes of his half-siblings and visits of laughing and sharing....What a journey for all.

    • **We also stopped in Denver to visit our niece Lydia and Jeff met our ca. 5 month old grandniece, Naomi!!

    • **The final stops of the trip were with two on my college friends, one at Iowa City and one at Moline. After that we rolled in to home in the late afternoon of July 24

  • *In August Jeff hired on as a part-time athletic trainer with a company that provides additional or substitute trainers to school and organization sporting events. They also run PT/ATC clinics. Every couple of weeks a schedule of requests come out so Jeff and others can put in for what they can cover.

  • *Mid-August it was back to Maine for a celebration of Mum’s life. Jane and I, Jeff and Malc were there in addition to all of the grandchildren, their significant others, and great grandchildren. We were also thrilled that one of our Wilson side cousins was able to join us in addition to White cousins who live in the area.

  • *In September was my...50th high school class reunion! We had an excellent attendance and so good to see so many.

  • *In mid-November, James asked girlfriend Laura to marry him and she accepted! The ring has two stones from my grandmother’s ring.

  • *Also in November Jeff/we learned that his brother Jay’s cancer spread to his brain. Jeff was in Redding for just over 4 weeks helping Jay’s wife Cherri with keeping Jay safe and comfortable at home during the end of his illness. He passed away December 17. His obituary and other info can be found here.


So, we have had quite a year! Amidst it all it is our circle of close and extended family, closer friends and our more extended web of friends and connections that have buoyed us as we move through this phenomenal universe.


Sebbys  James and Laura  Full family  Corwells


Anne and Jeff


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