Sarah & Jon Are Married!


Wedding Picture


     The big day came and went. The weather was beautiful (high of 65 degrees, mostly sunny, a little windy), and of course so was the bride. Everything went very well, with just enough tiny glitches (unnoticed by almost everyone) to add to the future stories about the day. Of course they'll be magnified with each retelling.

     Our minister of 20 years at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva (she arrived there in 1978, but we didn't come until 1990), the Rev. Dr. Lindsey Bates, was OUTSTANDING, and led us all by the hand, gently and with a great deal of humor most of the time, thru the rehearsal on Thursday night, then the service on Friday. She made it a time of reverence and joy, focusing on the bride and groom, as it should be.

     There were many smiles, and not a few tears, especially for the old man. I really thought I was going to lose it when I saw Sarah in her dress, just before it was time to walk down the aisle. Then later at the reception when I did my toast, then for the Daddy/Daughter dance at which I had them play "Tomorrow Lies in the Cradle", a song on a Weavers' album which was just the perfect sentiment.

     Anyway, please go to the gallery from the link below and enjoy the photos.



Well, we've got another Dooley getting married. Sarah's boyfriend Jon Sebby from Yorkville officially popped the question in July. They are planning a March wedding at our church, the Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva. Our minister for most of Sarah's life, the Rev. Dr. Lindsey Bates, will preside. After the wedding they will return to Kirksville for the rest of this year of medical school, then off to Ohio where Sarah will be doing 2 years of clinical rotations.



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