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Habitat for Humanity Build in West Plains, MO

July 8 - 16, 2006


Every year since 1999 the high school aged youth group (YRUU) at our church (UUSG) has helped build a house for a deserving family in another state. This is a year long project, with fundraising and educational activities in preparation for the actual trip in July. Sarah and Jeff made the trip that first summer to Morristown, TN, then Sarah, James, and Jeff the following summer (again to Morristown). Sarah and James continued to make the trip each summer throughout their high school years.

Now, the beginning of a new era. This summer, Carol and Jeff made the trip to West Plains, MO. This was the first year Carol was eligible to make the trip. They, along with 12 other youth and 6 other adults, made the trip to West Plains to help build a house for a family of 6. The father and mother worked side-by-side with the group for the entire week they were there.

At the beginning of the week, there was a bare slab with plumbing and anchor bolts for the walls. At the end of the week, all walls (inside & outside) were up, the roof sheathing & tar paper in place, and all exterior windows and doors installed. The local Habitat for Humanity group take over from there, completing the plumbing, electrical, siding, roofing, interior wall coverings, etc., etc. When they're all done, the family then takes over to turn the house into a home.



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