Jeff, Carol, and Lucky  Guam-Beach


Jeff Visits Carol and Andrew on Guam


June 2014


Carol and Andrew had been on Guam for about a year. Time for a visit from dad!

Of course, it's a little too far to drive. First was an approximately 2 1/2 hour flight from O'Hare to Houston, Texas. And then the adventure began. Due to a mechanical issue with the plane, the next leg from Houston to Honolulu, Hawaii was delayed. Okay, I can handle that, better they find the problem on the ground than in the air, right? Then came the word that it would be delayed so much that we would miss the connecting flight to Guam. They offered us a choice; United would put us up for the night in Houston, then we'd take the next day's flight, OR take the delayed flight to Honolulu, and they'd put us up over night there.

Hmm, Houston or Honolulu? Wow, what a tough choice. Cowboy boots or hula skirts? Brown Texas or green Hawaii? Well, I said "hasta la vista, Houston" and "aloha, Honolulu". After an 8 hour flight, United put me up in the Alo Moana Hotel, a swanky high rise across the street from Ala Moana Beach Park. Great view from my balcony, nice dinner (the blueberry lychee martinis were good) and breakfast, then to the airport for the afternoon flight. Actually I was originally rescheduled to stay over 2 nights, but I called the United 800 number and managed to get on the next flight.

Another 8 hours in a plane, and then I come out of customs at the Hagatna, Guam airport and there's my baby girl and Andrew. Pretty late, so back to their house, met Lucky, chat for a little bit, then to bed.

When the sun came up I saw how beautiful it is on Guam. Green everywhere. Also some beautiful flowers, trees, etc. Carol and I went to Asan Beach at the War in the Pacific National Historical Park pretty much every day to give Lucky a good romp (he still had SOO much energy!!!). On another day Andrew, Carol and I went snorkeling from a beach near a different park, closer to the tourist hotels. It was amazing to see the beautiful fish swimming around the coral just 6 feet or so under water, maybe 20 feet or so from the beach. On the weekend we did a long drive around the southern tip of the island, seeing more of the coast, lush vegetation, and mountains.

Carol and Andrew were such good hosts, and it was obvious they were very happy together, I hated to leave. But of course I had to. The long flight home (Guam to Honolulu to Chicago, no layovers) got in around 8:30 in the morning, and out to long term parking where I found I'd left the car window open the entire time I was gone. Nothing missing or damaged in the car, except a puddle on the floor because there'd been rainstorms. (I forgot to mention my flight out was at 6:30 am, so I was parking about 4:30 am and not fully awake)

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