Madokawando Landing page updated November 14, 2016.

Gallery for Sarah/Jon/Jack/Matthew's visit to Maine added January 27, 2015.

2014 Christmas Letter and Photo Gallery and an individual gallery for Baby Matthew added January 19, 2015.

Individual galleries for Jeff's visit to Carol in Guam and Carol and Andrew's wedding and Australia/New Zealand visit added December 24, 2014.

Individual galleries for Christmas 2015 at the Sebbys, and some newer pics of Baby Jack in progress, not uploaded yet.

Get your Spock on!! (or Kirk, McCoy, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, or whoever you want!) Our talented Carol has opened Anam Cara Crafts on Etsy. She does custom knit and crocheted items.


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Dear Friends and Family,

We have created this website to share our lives and activities with all of you. Click on the buttons to the left to go to the pages and galleries related to our various activities. As we do different significant things we will add additional galleries.

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Family 1992

Mother's Day 1992, in front of the church after James & Carol's Naming & Dedication


Family 2004

December 2004, at the All Academy Ball. My, the kids really have grown, haven't they? Of course Anne & I don't look a day older


Family 2010

March 2010, at Sarah and Jon's wedding.